Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 12 - At Sea

Now we can feel, that we have come further north. It is no longer 'sun deck weather'. 60 F and quite windy at the deck and balcony.
After breakfast, we were reading, did some shopping and in fitness etc.
In the afternoon we were a little around the ship, and a little more reading.

Unfortunately, there were also some suitcases to be packed. The suitcases should be left outside the cabin already 10pm, so we choose to pack before we went for the show and dinner.

We had booked the show - Sonic Odyssey, a fantastic show in sound, color, dancing and singing.
The white colored cylinders on the photo,are  drums, The artists playing the drums hung on the back wall.
After the show we got dinner in Silk - another night of Asian food, but really good.

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